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  • What is hosting?

    Web hosting is a service provided by companies known as Web Presence Providers.  When a company or individual creates a Web site, the files of the Web site must be on a server with a direct connection to the Internet, Domain Name Service, and many other technical configurations in order for the site to be accessible on the World Wide Web.  It is much more cost-effective to rent server space from a Web Presence Provider than to buy your own server computers, T3 connections to the Internet backbones, and hire a technical staff to keep the servers running properly. 

    We provide the exclusive service of Web Hosting on a special server configuration known as "NT Hosting," which is the most advanced type of Web Hosting available.  Microsoft developed this system which provides full support for Web sites created with advanced applications such as Microsoft FrontPage 98®, Microsoft Active Server Pages®, and database-driven sites with Microsoft Access® and Microsoft SQL Server 6.5®.  Of course NT Servers also support Web sites created in straight HTML code and many other applications such as CGI scripts, Real Audio/Video®, Macromedia DreamWeaver®, and Adobe PageMill®.

  • What is the difference between hosting and my Internet Service Provider?

    An Internet Service Provider is your gateway to browsing the Internet. A host only provides service and support for web sites.
    You will need local Internet access in order to maintain your Web site and retrieve email addressed to your site.


  • What do I have to do, step by step, to put a Web site on the internet?

First, you need to develop a Web site.  This can be done in several different ways, by you or by a professional Web site developer.

If you have determined that your company will need a complex Web site, with very dynamic features, you may want to consider having the site professionally developed.

If you have a good deal of experience with computers and different software programs, you may feel comfortable using a Web-authoring program.  AllNetBiz recommends Microsoft FrontPage 98 because of its advanced and easy-to-use features, as well as its compatibility with our hosting services.

Once your Web site is developed, you will need to get a domain name, and put your site on the Internet by finding a hosting company.  This is where AllNetBiz comes in.  Our servers do nothing but host Web sites, devoting our business to keeping your site up and running at all times with tremendous speed. 

You have many options as to where you put your Web site.  But for the best hosting services on the Internet at the most reasonable prices, stay right here with AllNetBiz!